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Lounge-150Ref: 83662
* Fantastic panoramic sea views of the bay of Palma

* Spacious 3 bedroom apartment, for 6 people

* Perfectly located in the centre of Palma but only

* 5 minutes walk to Palma´s sandy beach

  or to Palma´s historic old town


829931Ref: 829931
* Fantastic Villa providing Luxury and Privacy

* Spacious with plenty of room for 8 to relax and enjoy

* Private tennis court, swimming pool, jacquzi, sauna and an incredible barbacue and bar area in the grounds. 
Located close to Palma, the beach and one of the best golf courses in Mallorca


826834Ref: 826834
* 4 bedroom villa, sleeps 8 in Colonia de Sant Pere

* Private swimming pool, patio and barbeque area

* Perfect for outdoor living with sun loungers provided

* Located in a quite area but close to bars and restaurants

* A short walk to the promenade and a sandy beach 


479995Ref: 479995
* Luxury 3 bedroom apartment in Palma, for 6 people

* Lovely terrace with sea views and seating for 6
* Located in the centre of Palma but only
* 5 minutes walk to Palma´s sandy beach

  or to Palma´s historic old town


424862Ref: 424862
* Village location on the edge of Palma

* Modern 2 bedroom apartment, sleeps 6 people

* Outdoor barbacue and dining area with space to relax

* located between to 2 lovely beaches and close to Palma

* Modern fitted kitchen


1016812Ref: 1016812
* Quiet two bedroom apartment, sleeps 4

* 50 metres from the beach

* Large outdoor balcony with dining area and space to relax

* Communal swimming pool

* 1st floor apartment


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There are so many places to visit in Palma it is difficult to know where to begin. The choice of what to include and what to leave out of this section has been a personal one, although most of the places included can not fail but to impress.

palma-promenadeOne of the best ways to start a visit to Palma, Mallorca is to take a stroll along its wonderful Promenade. Many of the sites listed here are visible from the promenade, which begins at Palma's port in the west of the city. Your stroll will take you past two of Mallorcas exclusive yacht clubs, which include some of the most beautiful and expensive yachts in the world. once you have finished admiring the yachts you will enter the fishing port, which is still very active.

On the opposite side of the road at this point you will find the Consulado del Mar and La Lonja. As you will probably need some refreshment by this point, I would recommend the square to the side of La Lonja as good place to stop, the refreshments and atmosphere are very pleasant. Continuing along the promenade you will reach The Almudaina Palace with The Cathedral situated to its right. Both of these fabulous structures are located on top of the old city walls and with a lake set in front of them, a awe-inspiring view.

The promenade continues past the Casco Antiguo, with the beautiful Parc del Mar in front, and into an area called Portixol, a small but very pretty area on the outskirts of Palma (Another fabulous place to have a coffee).


Category: Palma

eating-out2Palma de Mallorca has an amazing range of restaurants, bars and cafés - enough to satisfy any palate. A variety you will come across in all ten of the gastronomic areas of Palma we indicate below.


There are a great many establishments with different types of cuisine here. Mediterranean and Italian restaurants abound, as do eateries specialising in rice dishes and pizzerias. There is also high class Chinese and Indian cooking. In carrer Monseñor Palmer one can sample Mexican and Japanese food. The Passeig Marítim also boasts the largest number of bars and discos that stay open late.

Bus routes: 1, 41, 50.


Category: Mallorca Life


No other product is more typical or famous of the Illes Baleares than the ensaimada. This sweet, spiral-shaped bun has become the breakfast not only of Mallorcans and visitors; its consumption has spread to bars and bakeries overseas.

Many visitors arrive on these islands with a very special request from their relatives and friends; to take them back one of the rich ensaimadas which are made here.

That is why, in the airports and ports, it is very common to see tourists carrying the typical boxes jealously guarding all types of this very special sweet bun, ranging from the traditional ensaimadas, to those filled with cabello de ángel (pumpkin jam) or custard cream.

Its name comes from 'saim' which means lard and is one of the ingredients. However, its origin is much disputed. Some consider that the 'fathers' of the ensaimada were the Arabs, who introduced it in the year 909 and that is why its shape is reminiscent of their turbans. Other believe that it derived from the 'bulema', a very similar roll which the Jews used to make in the past.

Filled or plain


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The same diversity that the Illes Balears offer at a cultural level is also evident in crafts. You can buy arts and crafts in glass, ceramics, embroidery, fabrics, shoes, leather, silverware, trinkets, jewellery, pearls, all the latest trends in fashion and all those things that artists from round about have introduced alongside the traditions of the Illes Balears.


Leather Goods

For decades, the quality and innovative design of leather goods made in and exported from the Balearic Islands have made them famous all over the world.
Today, not only can visitors purchase these products in a variety of shops in the Balearic Islands, they can also visit the many display rooms and shops at the factories' company headquarters to discover the artisan and industrial tradition behind the Islands' world-renown brands and artfully designed, top-quality leather items.


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Mallorca Nightlife

Casco Antiguo

In Palma's Casco antiguo, the historical center with its charming narrow lanes, you will find a large number of pubs and fashionable locals. Also one eats very well here, so this is maybe the ideal place to start your tour through Palma's night life.

Paseo Marítimo

Paseo Marítimo offers elegant and sophisticated places, discotheques and locals with live performances of jazz, swing and blues. Zona Darsena Can Barbara is preferred by young visitors who want to dance. At Paseo Mallorca, in the very center of town, there are numerous elegant places and cocktail bars.

Zona de la Playa

The area of the beaches, is great fun for the young ones with its countless discotheques where you can dance until dawn.

Plaza Gomila

The locals at Plaza Gomila showcase the island's traditional style and are heavily visited as well. Another great area to enjoy.

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