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eating-out2Bearing in mind Mallorca’s location in the midst of the Mediterranean, it is no surprise that our cuisine is based on the Mediterranean diet which is today so highly praised. Logically, the islanders eat the produce that they grow, and the island’s most important produce consists of fruit and vegetables and livestock such as pigs, suckling pigs and lamb. During the hunting season, there is also game such as rabbits and partridges, not to mention the enormous variety of rock fish and other seafood available.

There are some 1,200 restaurants in Mallorca offering cuisine of all possible types. Nevertheless, many of them specialize in typical Mallorcan cuisine with dishes such as “tumbet”, “frit”, rabbit in onions, roast suckling pig, shoulder of lamb or fish like fried red mullet, boiled scorpion fish, or toothed bream Mallorcan style.

We must not forget the island’s stuffed meats such as the famous “sobrasada” and the “botifarrones”, made when a pig is slaughtered.

Of the desserts and pastries of Arab and Jewish origin, we still have “crespells” and “robiols”, whilst the “crème de la crème” of Mallorcan cakes is the “ensaimada”.wine

Mallorcan wines went through a period of enormous popularity during the last century, but many of the vines were ruined by phylloxera. At present the island’s wine-production is once again regaining its former success and highly-praised red and white quality wines are being produced. Binissalem, Petra, Porreras and Consell produce wines with a guarantee of origin.

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