Frit mallorquí

Frit Mallorquí is a very popular dish on the island and can be made in many different ways, as its main ingredients can be meat or fish. The following is a variety that features sweetbreads.
1 kg potatoes
Pork or lamb sweetbreads (lung, liver, blood, etc)
1 bunch of spring onions
2 hot peppers
1/2 kg green peppers
Fennel stalks
1 head of garlic
2 laurel leaves


First, fry the potatoes and set them aside in a clay dish. Then, sauté the sweetbreads, hot peppers, laurel and garlic. Next, sauté the green peppers with the spring onions and fennel. Drain the oil and combine all the ingredients.

Sopes mallorquines

Sopes Mallorquines is a simple, yet healthy dish that offers the chance to savour seasonal garden vegetables. Meat, wild mushrooms and other vegetables can also be added, according to taste.

200 gr dry, brown country-style bread, finely sliced for Sopas
1 handful of chard
1 small cabbage
1 bunch of spring onions
1/2 handful of parsley
1 tomato
2 spoonfuls of paprika
3 green peppers
Olive oil


Sauté the onions and peppers in a clay dish. Add medium-sized sliced vegetables (or vegetables cut to taste). Reduce and add the saffron. Simmer until the vegetables are cooked. Remove the vegetables and add the bread to the dish to absorb the broth. Once the broth is absorbed, add the vegetables. Let rest a few minutes before serving.

Sofrit pagès - Farmer's fried dish

A typical dish of the inland, prepared with farm products. It has been traditionally served in celebrations and at any time of the year.
Lamb and chicken, sobrassada and botifarró, potato, garlic, bay leaves saffron, cumin, parsley, roasted almond and lard.

Blanch separately the lamb and the chicken. Fry lightly by small amounts with lard. Cook the potatoes and the chicken livers on a low heat. Dry the saffron and put it in the mortar, crushing it with the roasted almond, the chicken livers, a pinch of cumin and parsley. Water down with the broth from the cooking; add it to the fried preparation. Let slowly cook.

Orelletes (Fritter biscuits)

The name of this sweet in Catalan (Little Ears) comes from its unusual
ear-shape. Curiously, some villages make this sweet in the shape of a
Eggs, flour, anis liqueur, sugar and olive oil

Beat the eggs and add the flour, sugar, anis liqueur and more flour and stir until the mixture comes together to form a moist dough. Add grains of anis and set aside to rest a few minutes. Divide the dough into pieces and flatten some of them into round, ear shapes approximately fifteen centimetres in diameter. Make strips out of the other pieces and join the ends in a semicircle to complete the ear shape. Fry and sprinkle with sugar.


These 6-cm-wide flower-shaped pastries have five petals made of sugar, lard, egg yolks and wheat. White on the outside and yellow on the inside, they were traditionally served at Christmas and on the most important family holidays.
The ingredients used to make Pastissets are:

400 gr flour
200 gr sugar
200 gr pork lard
2 egg yolks
Lemon peel, cinnamon or ground vanilla can be added if desired.
Finely ground almonds
Glazed sugar

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